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Publicly Verifiable Shared Dynamic Electronic Health Record Databases


The advent of electronic health record (EHR) system has greatly promoted the development of medical services, and its security and privacy are emerging as major concerns. The verifiable database (VDB), where a user outsources his large database to a cloud server and makes queries once he needs certain data, is proposed as an efficient updatable cloud storage model for resource-constrained users. The security goals of VDB include both the data storage integrity and the query result correctness. To improve system efficiency, most existing VDB schemes utilize proof reuse and the technique of proof updating to prove correctness of the query results. However, it ignores the "real-time" of proof generation, which results in an overhead that the user has to perform extra process (e.g. auditing schemes) to check storage integrity. In this paper, we propose a publicly verifiable updatable EHR database scheme that supports privacy-preserving and batch integrity auditing. We modify the existing functional commitment (FC) scheme for the VDB design and construct a concrete FC under the computational l-BDHE assumption. In addition, the use of an efficient verifier-local revocation group signature scheme makes our scheme support dynamic group member operations, and gives nice features, such as traceability and non-frameability.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java