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Threshold Multi-keyword Search for Cloud-Based Group Data Sharing


Searchable Encryption (SE) is a popular cryptographic primitive for building ciphertexts retrieval systems with far-reaching applications. However, existing SE schemes generally do not support threshold access control (i.e., data users must collaboratively issue search and decryption operations over encrypted cloud data) in a group-oriented cloud data sharing setting, which is increasingly receiving much attention in the research community. Thus, in this paper, we first propose a Threshold Multi-keyword Search (TMS) scheme for cloud-based group data sharing (referred to as basic TMS scheme) by utilizing Shamir's secret sharing technique, to achieve threshold multi-keyword search, threshold decryption, and short record ciphertext size. Then, we extend this basic TMS to realize threshold result verification and threshold traceability (referred to as enhanced TMS). Furthermore, the enhanced TMS is extended to support public result verification and dynamic operations with the public verifier and improved hash tables, respectively. Our formal security analysis proves that both basic TMS and enhanced TMS are semi-adaptively secure and can resist Chosen-Keyword Attack (CKA). Our theoretical evaluation and empirical experiments demonstrate the potential utility of both schemes.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java