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Verifiable Searchable Encryption Framework against Insider Keyword- Guessing Attack in Cloud Storage


Searchable encryption (SE) allows cloud tenants to retrieve encrypted data while preserving data confidentiality securely. Many SE solutions have been designed to improve efficiency and security, but most of them are still susceptible to insider Keyword-Guessing Attacks (KGA), which implies that the internal attackers can guess the candidate keywords successfully in an off-line manner. Also in existing SE solutions, a semi-honest-but-curious cloud server may deliver incorrect search results by performing only a fraction of retrieval operations honestly (e.g., to save storage space). To address these two challenging issues, we first construct the basic Verifiable SE Framework (VSEF), which can withstand the inside KGA and achieve verifiable searchability. Based on the basic VSEF, we then present the enhanced VSEF to support multi-keyword search, multi-key encryption and dynamic updates (e.g., data modification, data insertion, and data deletion) at the same time, which highlights the importance of practicability and scalability of SE in real-world application scenarios. We conduct extensive experiments using the Enron email dataset to demonstrate that the enhanced VSEF achieves high efficiency while resisting to the inside KGA and supporting the verifiability of search results.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java