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A Secure and Efficient Cloud-Centric Internet of Medical Things- Enabled Smart Healthcare System with Public Verifiability


The potential of the Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT) technology for interconnecting the biomedical sensors in e-health has ameliorated the people's living standards. Another technology recognized in the recent e-healthcare is outsourcing the medical data to the cloud. There are, however, several stipulations for adopting these two technologies. The most difficult is the privacy of medical data and the challenge resulting from the resource constraint environment of sensor devices. In this article, we present the state-of-the-art secure and efficient cloud-centric IoMT-enabled smart healthcare system with public verifiability. The system novelty implements an escrow-free identity-based aggregate signcryption (EF-IDASC) scheme to secure data transmission, which is also proposed in this article. The proposed smart healthcare system fetches the medical data from multiple sensors implanted on the patient's body, signcrypts and aggregates them under the proposed EF-IDASC scheme, and outsources the data on the medical cloud server via smartphone. The system does not reveal any information about the identity and medical data of the patient. We further analyze the performance of the proposed smart healthcare system in terms of energy consumption. Moreover, we compare the performance of the proposed EF-IDASC scheme with other related schemes.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java