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Personality and Value-aware Scheduling of User Requests in Cloud for Profit Maximization


The main goal of a cloud provider is to make profits by providing services to users. Existing profit optimization strategies employ homogeneous user models in which user personality is ignored, resulting in fewer profits and particularly notably lower user satisfaction that in turn, leads to fewer users and reduced profits. In this paper, we propose efficient personality-aware request scheduling schemes to maximize the profit of the cloud provider under the constraint of user satisfaction. Specifically, we first model the service requests at the granularity of individual personality and propose a personalized user satisfaction prediction model based on questionnaires. Subsequently, we design a personality-guided integer linear programming (ILP)-based request scheduling algorithm to maximize the profit under the constraint of user satisfaction, which is followed by an approximate but lightweight value assessment and cross entropy (VACE)-based profit improvement scheme. The VACE-based scheme is especially tailored for applications with high scheduling resolution. Extensive simulation results show that our satisfaction prediction model can achieve the accuracy of up to 83%, and our profit optimization schemes can improve the profit by at least 3.96% as compared to the benchmarking methods while still obtaining a speedup of at least 1.68x.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java