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Secure Cloud Storage with Data Dynamics Using Secure Network Coding Techniques


In the age of cloud computing, cloud users with limited storage can outsource their data to remote servers. These servers, in lieu of monetary benefits, offer retrievability of their clients' data at any point of time. Secure cloud storage protocols enable a client to check integrity of outsourced data. In this work, we explore the possibility of constructing a secure cloud storage for dynamic data by leveraging the algorithms involved in secure network coding. We show that some of the secure network coding schemes can be used to construct efficient secure cloud storage protocols for dynamic data, and we construct such a protocol (DSCS I) based on a secure network coding protocol. To the best of our knowledge, DSCS I is the first secure cloud storage protocol for dynamic data constructed using secure network coding techniques which is secure in the standard model. Although generic dynamic data support arbitrary insertions, deletions and modifications, append-only data find numerous applications in the real world. We construct another secure cloud storage protocol (DSCS II) specific to append-only data --- that overcomes some limitations of DSCS I. Finally, we provide prototype implementations for DSCS I and DSCS II in order to evaluate their performance.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java