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BATCH A Scalable Asymmetric Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing


Supervised cross-modal hashing has attracted much attention. However, there are still some challenges, e.g., how to effectively embed the label information into binary codes, how to avoid using a large similarity matrix and make a model scalable to large-scale datasets, how to efficiently solve the binary optimization problem. To address these challenges, in this paper, we present a novel supervised cross-modal hashing method, i.e., scalaBle Asymmetric discreTe Cross-modal Hashing, BATCH for short. It leverages collective matrix factorization to learn a common latent space for the labels and different modalities, and embeds the labels into binary codes by minimizing a distance-distance difference problem. Furthermore, it builds a connection between the common latent space and the hash codes by an asymmetric strategy. In the light of this, it can perform cross-modal retrieval and embed more similarity information into the binary codes. In addition, it introduces a quantization minimization term and orthogonal constraints into the optimization problem, and generates the binary codes discretely. Therefore, the quantization error and redundancy may be much reduced. Moreover, it is a two-step method, making the optimization simple and scalable to large-scale datasets. Extensive experimental results on three benchmark datasets demonstrate that BATCH outperforms some state-of-the-art cross-modal hashing methods in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Data Mining

Developed In: Java