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Fuzzy K-Means Clustering With Discriminative Embedding


Fuzzy K-Means (FKM) clustering is of great importance for analyzing unlabeled data. FKM algorithms assign each data point to multiple clusters with some degree of certainty measured by the membership function. In these methods, the fuzzy membership degree matrix is obtained based on the calculation of the distance between data points in the original space. However, this operation may lead to suboptimal results because of the influence of noises and redundant features. Besides, some FKM clustering methods ignore the importance of the weighting exponent. In this paper, we propose a novel FKM method called Fuzzy K-Means Clustering With Discriminative Embedding. Within this method, we simultaneously conduct dimensionality reduction along with fuzzy membership degree learning. To retain most information in the embedding subspace and improve the robustness of this method, principal component analysis is incorporated into our framework. An iterative optimization algorithm is proposed to solve the model. To validate the efficacy of the proposed method, we perform comprehensive analyses, including convergence behavior, parameter determination and computational complexity. Moreover, we also match a appropriate weighting exponent for each data set. Experimental results on benchmark data sets show that the proposed method is more discriminative and effective for clustering tasks.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Data Mining

Developed In: Java