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Proactive Fault-Tolerance Technique to Enhance Reliability of Cloud Service in Cloud Federation Environment


Cloud federation is a new computing paradigm that has paved the way for cloud service providers (CSPs) to offer their unused resources (virtual machine) to other CSPs when their resource demands are low. Federation also allows CSPs to outsource their resource requests to other CSPs when their computing resources' demands are high. Thus, in cloud federation environment reliability and availability of services offered by service providers increase as the CSPs are able to share their resources among themselves. Moreover, to maintain the reliability and availability of cloud services offered through federation, it is important that the computational environment of member CSPs within the federation is fault tolerant. Therefore, there is a need for fault tolerant system to guarantee cloud service reliability and availability in cloud federation environment. In this paper, we propose a proactive fault tolerance system that preempts faults within the federation on the basis of CPU temperature. The fault tolerance system within the federation is modeled as a multi-objective optimization problem of maximizing profit and minimizing migration cost while redistributing resources (virtual machine) from faulty CSPs to non-faulty CSPs within the federation. To address this issue, we have also proposed an algorithm called Preference Based Fault Management (PBFM) to manage the federation in the event of faults. We perform extensive experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of our proposed mechanism and compare it with two other mechanisms MCAFM (Migration Cost Assured Fault Management) and PAFM (Profit Assured Fault Management). Results show that our proposed mechanism PBFM yields an optimized solution to the general problem of profit and migration cost trade-off in presence of faulty CSPs.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Cloud Computing

Developed In: Java