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Adaptive Diffusion of Sensitive Information In Online Social Networks


The cascading of sensitive information such as private contents and rumors is a severe issue in online social networks. One approach for limiting the cascading of sensitive information is constraining the diffusion among social network users. However, the diffusion constraining measures limit the diffusion of non-sensitive information diffusion as well, resulting in the bad user experiences. To tackle this issue, in this paper, we study the problem of how to minimize the sensitive information diffusion while preserve the diffusion of non-sensitive information, and formulate it as a constrained minimization problem where we characterize the intention of preserving non-sensitive information diffusion as the constraint. We study the problem of interest over the fully-known network with known diffusion abilities of all users and the semi-known network where diffusion abilities of partial users remain unknown in advance. By modeling the sensitive information diffusion size as the reward of a bandit, we utilize the bandit framework to jointly design the solutions with polynomial complexity in the both scenarios. Moreover, the unknown diffusion abilities over the semi-known network induce it difficult to quantify the information diffusion size in algorithm design. For this issue, we propose to learn the unknown diffusion abilities from the diffusion process in real time and then adaptively conduct the diffusion constraining measures based on the learned diffusion abilities, relying on the bandit framework. Extensive experiments on real and synthetic datasets demonstrate that our solutions can effectively constrain the sensitive information diffusion, and enjoy a 40% less diffusion loss of non-sensitive information comparing with four baseline algorithms.

Branch: CSE     Domain: Data Mining

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