Advanced embedded system based a paperless feedback system for colleges and event management systems

Advanced embedded system based a paperless feedback system for colleges and event management systems


There are many situations and occasions where we need to take the feedback especially in colleges we need to take the feedback of each faculty and we need to take the feedback of some event conducted by colleges. These feedbacks help us in evaluating one’s performance and to give better performance for next time. But in these procedures lot of paper usage is involved and we cannot keep these papers for long time. It is every human responsibility to follow “go green” and echo friendly systems as we know day by day how our environment getting polluted. One of the echo friendly systems is avoiding paper usage as much as possible. In this digital world this can be achieved easily with help of advancement in technologies. 

Now a day’s so many technologies are coming out to make our lives more comfort, user-friendly and luxurious. In this project we are replacing current paper based feedback system with our electronic based user friendly feedback system. This is a complete stand alone attendance system in which we store all the feedbacks given by the students or participants in excel file which will be created on SD card using LPC2148 micro controller. 

The user has to enter his feedback and suggestions using keyboard and micro controller will receive this data and display on 20X4 LCD then it will store in MS Word format or Excel format in SD card. 

The advantage of SD memory card is we can store more data, the storage range is in Giga Bytes and the read and write time is too fast and we can create files in suitable formats. The communication between SD card and our controller is established using SPI communication. And the advantage of using LPC2148 micro controller is it has two inbuilt SPI serial interfaces and can communicate with high speed as it is 32 bit controller.



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    Software Tools:

  • KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
  • ORCAD for designing schematics
  • FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into controller

Hardware Tools:

  • ARM7 based LPC2148 Micro controller.
  • PS/2 keyboard
  • SD card. 
  • 20X4 LCD.
  • Regulated +3.3v and +5v Power supply.


  • No need of paper.
  • Data can be stored for lifetime.
  • More number of feedback and suggestions can be stored


  • Useful for colleges, schools, offices and industries 
  • Can be used for some events and shows
  • Can be used for standalone suggestion or complaint box for some government organizations and shopping malls.
  • Can be used as contact or enquiry form for offices and institutes