In recent years, it has become a fantasy that the people put their lives in risk. More often, the people consume alcoholic drinks and drive the vehicles. There are more chances that the person can hit the vehicle to any obstacle approaching him in the opposite direction due to unconsciousness caused by drinking. Many a times, we hear this kind of news in the television or read in the news paper and finally, when the situation comes to us, we are not at all concerned with it. Hence, we make a modest attempt to design and develop a simple, low cost alcohol breath analyzer using an inbuilt microcontroller.

The main aim of this project is to design a system that can identify whether the person, driving the vehicle, is in complete conscious state or not. The designed and developed system is installed in the vehicle. An interfacing mobile is also connected to the microcontroller, which is in turn, connected to the engine. If the user is drunk and tries to start the vehicle, the alcohol sensor fixed to the vehicle will identify the alcohol content and its output will be triggered. This output of the sensor will be sent as an input to the microcontroller. Thus, the microcontroller immediately alerts the buzzer and stops the engine of the vehicle and the vehicle will not start until the alcohol percentage comes down below the predefined limit i.e., until the person comes to conscious state once again. Buzzer indication will be provided for a short duration. The project is designed exclusively to save the life of a person when he is drunk and trying to drive the vehicle.


Software Tools:

  1. Keil compiler
  2. Orcad.
  3. Proload

Hardware Tools:

  1. 8051 Microcontroller
  2. LCD
  3. ADC
  4. Sensors- alcohol sensor
  5. Buzzer 

Block diagram