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Automatic Face Recognition and Virtual Assistant using IOT and AI

Automatic Face Recognition and Virtual Assistant using IOT and AI


Today, Programmable object interface (IoT) is taking part in a necessary function in collaborating with human beings. Similarly , all the family needs which are needed day by day can be fetched easily and more conveniently . It was used first in 2012, when Automation primarily based clever reflectives demonstrated in Japan ‘s applied science Exhibition . Furthermore , a lot of lookups are nonetheless approaching regular replicate elegant , sensible for the barber , medical management , trend sector . In the upcoming generation , an enchantment replicate was once suggested by Yuan-Chih Yu and his group to analyze the onlookers Identity verification and make out the feelings of the onlooker.


The motive behind this elegant reflector is to make an individual’s life comfortable, secure, sophisticated, etc,. Projected Elegant reflector identifies individuals based on Identity verification and Voice Command. Here the elegant reflector can exhibit real time strategy like period, day, weather forecasting and news cast, to the individuals whenever they are in need of it, they can fetch the real time data by using the voice command inputs and identity verification. In this project we are using smart mirrors along with face recognition and speech recognition. Face recognition Algorithm using Eigen face based algorithm. In this project, we are implementing home technology using software bots, which are controlled by our voice commands. With Google assistant we can ask any question and get an answer for it. It is dense and economical.

Existing work:

In the current system, to make regular reflection greater and to make humans needs secure and sophisticated. Elegant reflector identifies its individuals primarily based on their Identity verification and voice command and approaches in two different techniques: Online Approach and Standalone Approach. In Standalone technique it specifies as ordinary emulation and in Online technique it relates the web with use of Raspberry Pi and gives customers applicable facts such as – appointments , enlightenment , visitants particulars , notifications when needed and important, curriculum etc.

Elegant reflectors are an innovative addition to the IoT product household by achieving a great scope of interest in forthcoming days in each and every sector. The innovative structure implements the smart reflector by using the voice controlled inputs which is generally different from all other aspects and are required here as “Magic Mirror ” with Natural language processing (AI) for the domestic habitat . The reflector can also analyze the actual period information about the surroundings related information at the identical time. The elegant mirror consists of various viabilities such as accurate period statistics, facts, voice input, and identity verification. The individuals can manage the reflector by utilizing their voice commands as an input to the elegant reflector.


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Proposed work:

In this project we are using a smart mirror along with face recognition and speech recognition. Face recognition Algorithm using Eigen face based algorithm. In this project, we are implementing home automation using google assistant, then it will control devices by our voice commands. With Google assistant we can ask any question and get answer for it. In the proposed system the additional functionalities of the smart mirror are home automation and google assistant. We can control all the devices in our home in front of a mirror. We will talk to the microphone, it will get our speech and it will act like an assistant.


This project is designed to outline an elegant reflector by using Raspberry Pi as a main mainframe. We can gather basic necessities by using home automation to track and identify our needs such as broadcasting, weather forecasting, daily schedules, period and day, listing programs etc., by identifying the individual countenance voice command particularly in Online technique. When no one peeps into the elegant reflector then it is in conventional mode in an online approach. The proposed system here is considered as a communal reflector where both individual users and reflector could interact with each other by means of magnifiers and megaphone. This system can be used in a variety of applications like home automation, hospitals or film sectors etc. With Google assistant we can ask any question and get answer for it. The future work of this smart gadget can also be extended to be implemented in windows, doors, Tv, etc., as not only in elegant reflectors alone.

March 19, 2022

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