Internet browsing centers have become popular these days. Mostly the students will be using these browsing centers very frequently. The centers charge the users as per the usage of their services. But sometimes, there may be chances that the owner may forget to take the amount from a user or write the in-time of the user. So the user may pay fewer amounts or he may not carry the exact amount to pay to the owner of the browsing center. To avoid all these, we have designed a project that can automatically and exactly calculate the amount from the user as per their usage.

The aim of this project is to record the in-time and out time of the user in the browsing center and deduct the amount according to the timings. The powerful smart card functions as an in time calculate meter to record the in time of the person. Simple and cost-effective to implement, this project operates as a stand-alone system to eliminate fraud and reduce cash handling. 

In general, a smart card is an integrated circuit card with memory capable of making decisions. A smart card, chip card or integrated circuit card (ICC), is defined as a pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process information. In this project, we are using a contact smart card where the information inside the card is communicated with the card reader by inserting card into the card reader. The card reader in this project used is an SR-90 SDK of 1KB memory size.

The users who visit the browsing center frequently will be issued the browsing smart cards by the browsing center owner. Every browsing center may have their unique card system. The card reader will be present at the owner. Whenever any user wants to use the internet services, he has to insert his browsing card into the reader. The reader reads the card, sends the data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then records the in time of the user. After the user has completed browsing, he has to pay the amount. But before that, he needs to insert the card once again into the reader. The microcontroller now records the out time of the user. 

The microcontroller checks the in and out times and calculates the browsing fare and automatically deducts the amount from the user’s browsing card. .  If the balance is low in the card, a buzzer alert will be indicated and the user has to recharge the card for the parking fares. The amount of balance deducted will be visualized on LCD display.

This project uses regulated 5v, 500mA power supply. 7805 and 7812 three terminal voltage regulators are used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/12v step down transformer.