Real time voice based station name announcement system in trains or busses to alert the passengers-VOICE PLAYBACK

Real time voice based station name announcement system in trains or busses to alert the passengers

The main aim of this project is to play the name of the forthcoming station in busses or trains so that the passengers can get awareness of their current station and they can get down at their destination station only.

In present bus systems conductor or driver has to shout about present station name and sometimes they may forget and in trains, in night times we cannot find the forthcoming station and also strangers to particular area also do not know about the stations that they are travelling.

But now a days so many technologies are coming out to make our lives more comfort and more informative. By using RF technology and latest micro controller ARM7 based LPC2148 we are providing a better solutions to announce the name of forthcoming station.

This project uses wireless communication; RF. RF has the advantages of fast communication for longer distances and reliability. The RF modules used here are STT-433 MHz Transmitter, STR-433 MHz Receiver, HT12E RF Encoder and HT12D RF Decoder.

Every station will be having the RF transmitter. The RF receiver will be fixed in every bus. As the bus moves and approaches, the RF transmitter fixed at one end in the station continuously transmits the area code. The RF receiver present in the bus receives the data from transmitted when it comes in the transmitter range and this information will be given to micro controller and micro controller will play respective station name through speakers depends upon the data it received. This data will also be displayed on LCD.






Software Tools:

  1. Keil compiler
  2. Orcad.
  3. Flash magic

Hardware Tools:

  1. ARM7 based LPC2148 Microcontroller.
  2. 433MHz RF receiver and transmitter
  3. RF encoder and decoder.
  4. LCD
  5. Audio amplifier.
  6. Speaker


  • Better service to passengers
  • Helpful for strangers 
  • Low cost
  • Driver or conductor no need to shout always


  • Busses and trains
  • Can be used in all transportation vehicles 
  • We can give information about coming bus in the station side also