sanding and grinding machine – mechanical


 In this project we are making a griding and sandin machine. Common uses for grinding are in many different fields of industry. Grinding is the only process that can produce the finish and tolerances needed for jet turbine engine blades. Grinding is also the process used to obtain the finish on silicon used for computer chips. Grinding is also used to make the drill bits used in its metal cutting counter parts. These forms of grinding all utilize the same basic principles. Grinding is a fundamental material removal process. Basic grinding involves a hard rough surface passing over a softer material, and removing parts of the softer.sanding machine is used to polish the metal and work on it and get smoother parts

Model image :

We have two buttons one to on and one to off. This setup contains high end rpm based motor and rpm and two controllers for control of speed. We have a dc speed regulator to control the speeds.

We are using 555 12v dc motor for this operation

Note: this is a reference model can can be improved while doing research and development