Smart Electricity Meter-IOT

Smart Electricity Meter

          As we all aware in recent days, so many useful technologies are coming out to make our life style more comfort, luxurious and secure. Especially internet technology brings up many applications and advantages for present and future generations. Present world mostly is being controlled by internet. Previously internet is limited to only computers but because of the advancement in technology especially in mobile communication, now internet is completely being accessed by latest phones like Smart phones

AIM: The aim of this project is generate power bill automatically like our mobile bill and also power ON/OFF through internet.

          In this project we will develop a smart electricity meter it is havings WIFI/GPRS or Wireless communication. This device will communicate with server using wireless technology, device will send powe units information to the server, server will generate powe bill and sent to coustemers through MSG and MAIL if the coustemer will not pay the bill ontime we can have a chance to ON/OFF the power from server.


Software Tools:

  1. KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
  2. ORCAD for designing schematics
  3. FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into controller
  4. HTML coding for develop web application

Hardware Tools:

  1. ARM7 LPC2148 Micro controller.
  2. WIFI module (ESP8266)
  3. Energy meter
  4. AC Driver (relay)
  5. Regulated +3.3v Power supply.


  1. No need to go to Home to check Powe Units
  2. Easy to use & Secured also 


  1. Can also be used for  access control system and appliances controlling system 
  2. Can be used for home or industry security systems
  3. Useful for Weather monitoring systems