Standalone data logger in SD/MMC card with time stamp for industrial applications

Standalone data logger in SD/MMC card with time stamp for industrial applications


This project deals with the design and development of hardware and software for industrial data logger system. A data logger (also data logger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or by using external instruments and sensors. One of the primary advantages of using these data loggers is the ability to automatically and continuously collect data on a 24-hour basis.

Present data logger systems need a PC to store the data as the data logger systems do not have sufficient memory and they takes much time to store the data as they are using low speed micro controllers. These systems are more costly, consumes more power and slow processing time. These problems can be achieved easily by using advancement in latest technologies.   

Now a day’s so many advanced technologies are coming out especially in the field of electronics to make our life style more comfort, and secure to create smart systems with sophisticated functionalities. This project is designed with advanced ARM7 based LPC2148 micro controller and high data storage capacity memory cards. 

The data which are recorded continuously in this project are Temperature and Voltage. These analog quantities are taken and converted into corresponding digital values using ADC of micro controller. These converted digital values are sent to memory card and these values are stored in with time stamp in excel format for easy further processing. 

The NXP (founded by Philips) LPC2148 is an ARM7TDMI-S based high-performance 32-bit RISC Microcontroller with Thumb extensions 512KB on-chip Flash ROM with In-System Programming (ISP) and In-Application Programming (IAP), 32KB RAM, Vectored Interrupt Controller, Two 10bit ADCs with 14 channels, USB 2.0 Full Speed Device Controller, Two UARTs, Two I2C serial interfaces, Two SPI serial interfaces Two 32-bit timers, Watchdog Timer, PWM unit, Real Time Clock with optional battery backup, Brown out detect circuit General purpose I/O pins. 

The advantage of memory card is we can store more data, the storage range is in Giga Bytes and the read and write time is too fast and we can create files in suitable formats. The communication between SD card and our controller is established using SPI communication. 


Software Tools:

  • KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
  • ORCAD for designing schematics
  • FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into controller

Hardware Tools:

  • ARM7 LPC2148 Micro controller.
  • Voltage sensing circuit.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • SD card 
  • Regulated +3.3v Power supply.
  • 3.3v CMOS battery and 32.768 KHz crystal for inbuilt RTC chip of LPC2148.


  • No need to of computer while logging the data.
  • Easy to use, easy to install as it is simple stand alone system.
  • Low cost, small size and low power.  
  • Data storage in user friendly formats.


  •  Useful for Weather monitoring systems
  • Useful for chemical labs.
  • Useful for water board to monitor water usage.
  • Useful for production based companies 
  • Can be used for report making systems.