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Towards a Secure Electronic Health Record System Using Blockchain Technology

Towards a Secure Electronic Health Record System Using Blockchain Technology.docx


Blockchain has emerged as a key technology for ensuring reliability and security in several application areas primarily including the healthcare sector. Blockchain is a distributed ledger where blocks of transactions are connected in a chain using the cryptographic hash function of the previous block, making it an append-only structure. Any modification on any of the blocks will generate different hash values in other blocks in a cascading manner and different link relations. In this way the blockchain achieves immutability and security. Blockchain also involves consensus mechanisms in order to ensure synchronization among blocks and agreement between existing nodes to add a new transaction in the chain. Healthcare data is highly sensitive in nature, which consists of private information related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. In traditional approach these data are stored by each hospital separately where sharing data is very time consuming. Also, health data is very limited to access due to the risk of disclosure of sensitive information. In order to address these issues, the objective of this paper is to integrate blockchain technology with healthcare records/data in order to provide better sharing of data without the fear of data tampering or security breach.


An SRS (software requirements specifications) is a document that describes the nature of an application or a project or software. This report includes the purpose, scope, functional and non- functional requirements of a project. We can also tell this as the description of software system that is to be developed according to a particular model. This is a communication between the clients and software designers/programmers.

The specific  goals are:

 •Facilitating the reviews

 •Information regarding the scope of work

 •Providing a format/structure

•Providing frameworks for primary and secondary testing

 •Platform for on going refinement. The functional requirements are discussed in the below section.

 Software Requirements:

OperatingSystem: Any Windows

IDE: Anaconda

Language: Python 3.7

Hardware Requirements:

• Processor – i3 processor

• RAM – 512 MB(min)

 • Hard Disk – 500 GB

 • Key Board – Standard Keyboard

March 19, 2022

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