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Wireless Sensor Based Energy Conservation via Bluetooth

Wireless Sensor Based Energy Conservation via Bluetooth

Wireless Sensor Based Energy Conservation via Bluetooth


Wireless sensor based control has drawn attention of many industries because of the reduced cost, easy mobility, easy maintenance, power management etc. Wireless Sensor based systems have been deployed in industries, army and in household for various applications such as monitoring, maintenance, security etc. In this project we discuss the use of wireless sensor technology (Bluetooth) for energy conservation, in which the sensor are deployed to sense and monitor the environmental conditions and take decision based on the inputs from the various sensors.

Wireless sensor based energy conservation through Bluetooth is a micro controller-based application that can control various devices at a place using Bluetooth wireless technology. The proposed wireless sensor platform is an attempt to develop an energy conservation device which can be used at multiple areas such as homes, schools and public utilities to reduce the wastage of energy.

The system is composed of two main units; the sensing unit and the load unit, both interacting via Bluetooth technology.

The sensing unit comprises of a micro controller, PIR sensor, ambient light sensor and its threshold controller, load on duration controller and Bluetooth transmitter module.

The controlling unit comprises micro controller Bluetooth receiver module, loads (lights and motor).

The sensing unit continuously sense the input values from sensors and process these data and sends to control unit. Then controller unit control the loads depends upon the values received from sensing unit.


Software Tools:

  • KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
  • ORCAD for designing schematics
  • PROLOAD or VP812 for dumping the hex file into controller

Hardware Tools:

  • AT89S52 Micro controller.
  • Relays.
  • Lights and motors as loads
  • Blue tooth module 
  • LDR
  • PIR sensor
  • Regulated +5v Power supply.


  • Power saving
  • Automatic operation 
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost


  • Office automation
  • Home automation
  • Machines controlling system in industry
March 28, 2022

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