Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Efficiency-IOT

Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Efficiency

         Now a day’s so many useful technologies are coming out to make our life style more comfort, luxurious and secure. Especially internet technology brings up many applications and advantages for present and future generations. Present world mostly is being controlled by internet. Previously internet is limited to only computers but because of the advancement in technology especially in mobile communication, now internet is completely being accessed by latest phones like Smart phones.

AIM: The aim of this project is to monitor and control the electrical appliances of home from anywhere in the world through by using phone or PC using through internet.

In this project we will create an application to control electrical appliance like lights, fans, motors, machines, etc. from webpage. This web page can be opened from anywhere using mobile or computer. In this web page we have some options or buttons to control the appliances, whenever we operate this application then it sends command to controlling system through internet link 

 At controlling system side we have WIFI module, micro controller and load controlling circuits. Whenever this WIFI module receives command from its web application then it transfers this command to micro controller. Micro controller will control the respective loads depends upon the command it received. The communication between internet and micro controller is established using Ethernet module and the Microcontroller. We can also control loads of that industry from this webpage

 This is very safe and secure and also we can control many loads without getting confused by adding names or images in the application. We can also control many different places appliances from single applications.

Block Diagram 1


Software Tools:

  1. KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
  2. ORCAD for designing schematics
  3. PROLOAD or FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into controller
  4. HTML coding for develop web application

Hardware Tools:

  1. ARM7 LPC2148/ARDUINO UNO Micro controller.
  2. MOC3021 for driving TRIACs.
  3. BT136 for controlling AC loads.
  4. WIFI module 
  5. RF Module
  6. Regulated +3.3v Power supply.


  1. Less man power  
  2. Controlling many places with single application
  3. Safe and secure, no harm to operator while operating 
  4. Can also know the status of appliances


  1. Street lights controlling system
  2. Office automation
  3. Home automation
  4. Machines controlling system in industry